Alissia - 26 years
Hotel, private home
€ 180
Hourly rate
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About Alissia


Please be our beautiful Alessia who is an explosive and elegant blonde whose company you can spoil with all the pre-set ideas in your head as well as those in her company. You will live something truly unique and exciting as you've never had in your life. Her sexy body and amazing shapes are sculpted as if ordered by the Beauty goddesses themselves and her availability for the pleasures of life makes her ready to go anywhere that you may have“planned” into your mind. We would also like to mention that she can take you to that hidden paradise of your most erotic dreams! So if you are ready for this unique once in a lifetime experience then do not forget to bring your passion and excitement because it will fit very comfortably with you both and start on that journey of a lifetime that you will never forget. She likes to make every encounter with gentlemen always unique and memorable and has amazing patience with every guy in her life dedicating herself slowly from first sight to passionate kisses, loving passion 2A more intense pleasure and even extreme action when you expect it the least. If you want a date with our beautiful Alessia, all you have to do is ask for her so please call at her number below for unforgettable experience.

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Personal details

Age 26 years
Weight 53 kg / 116 lbs
Height 166 cm / 5'5"
Nationality Netherlands
Location Netherlands
City Amsterdam
Languages English