Corinna - 26 years
Hotel, private home
€ 180
Hourly rate
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About Corinna


We proudly present Corinna who is an amazing sensual and stunning beautiful lady who is blessed with a lovey body.
Please be hold her beauty and perfect figure, that you can clearly see in the pictures posted here on her profile . This amazingly beautiful lady will become reality to you as soon as you meet her right here in Amsterdam. Corinna as you can well see is in great shape and she goes to the gym each and every day to work and maintain her perfect figure as you see in the pictures below. Miss Corinna has a absolutely fabulous clothing wardrobe that allows her to be dressed, sexy, elegantly and as well to impress and encourage the gentleman who she comes into contact with. Corinna is a very friendly lady and truly a gorgeous lady but also a professional lady as well who has fabulous feed back from our many clients for her undeniable gorgeous appearance because everything she does she does with passion and love..

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Personal details

Age 26 years
Weight 53 kg / 116 lbs
Height 168 cm / 5'6"
Nationality Netherlands
Location Netherlands
City Amsterdam
Languages English